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What is CartiPep?

  A unique formulation of Bioactive Collagen Peptides, Glucosamine HCl & Vitamin C
  Promotes Cartilage Health. Improves Joint Flexibility and Mobility
  Naturally Derived and Clinically Proven Ingredients
  No Cholesterol. No Sugar. No Side Effects

Collagen Peptide           

  Collagen peptide is produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis of Collagenous tissues derived from natural sources
  Collagen is a key protein that ensures cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin, cartilage, bone, tendons,  ligaments, blood vessels, etc
  Contains  a unique amino acid composition  similar to collagen present in joint cartilage
  Rich in Proline, Glycine and Hydroxyproline
  Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline are the building blocks of Collagen in the body
  Stimulates the anabolic effect of Chondrocytes and initiates the repair process in cartilage
  Has a synergistic effect with analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Can lead to a reduction in the consumption of analgesics
  More than 90% absorption
  High safety profile.  The USFDA has granted it GRAS(Generally Recognised as Safe) status



 How CartiPep works?
The bioactive ingredients in CartiPep (Collagen Peptide, Vitamin C, Glucosamine HCl) get absorbed through the blood, stimulate the anabolic phase of chondrocytes, and initiate the repairing process thereby restoring joint health.
Clinically proven ingredients
CartiPep contains Bioactive Collagen Peptides and Glucosamine which are clinically proven ingredients for Osteoarthritis Management.

More than 18 clinical studies were done with Collagen Peptide worldwide and the outcomes of these studies show that, Collagen peptide.
          Improves joint flexibility and mobility
          Reduces consumption of analgesics
          Improves overall Quality of Life
          Increases relaxation time in Medial and Tibial regions
          Increases the thickness of the cartilage of scapula-humeral and femora-tibial joints among athletes

Recently in India, a registered clinical study among Osteoarthritis patients had shown that Collagen Peptide is an effective add-on nutritional therapy for Osteoarthritis. The double blind placebo controlled study concluded that the use of Collagen Peptide 10 g daily for 3 months showed 85% improvement in the overall Quality of Life (QoL) of patients – which means an improvement in daily activities like walking, climbing, sitting etc.