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In 1975, jointly with Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (KSIDC), Nitta Gelatin, Japan started its operations in India. This successful Indo-Japanese venture set new industrial standards through a smart combination of state-of-the-art technology, technically qualified people, service and a focused approach.

Nitta Gelatin India Limited (NGIL)’s extensive product range includes Gelatin for Pharmaceutical & Food applications, Di-Calcium Phosphate as poultry feed ingredient, Ossein and Chitosan for Agricultural and Industrial application. More than 60% of NGIL’s products are exported to over 35 countries including Japan, USA, Canada and the European Union countries.

“Live life to the fullest” – Our products are with mankind in all walks of life from childhood to adulthood. Gelatin is an inevitable element in the life of humans today. Gelatin is a vital ingredient in the most popular drug delivery systems in the world such as two-piece hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, coated tablets, mini, microcapsules etc. Gelatin's versatility makes it the ultimate food ingredient, finding application in confectionery, desserts, beverages, dairy and meat products.

In 2009, NGIL started production of Collagen Peptide (also known as Hydrolysed Collagen, Gelatin Hydrolysate etc.).  Nitta Gelatin offers Collagen Peptide under the brand “Wellnex”. Wellnex Collagen Peptide is globally accepted functional food for “Wellness from Within”.  health. Wellnex Collagen Peptide has been clinically proven to be effective in promoting Bone and Joint Health, Skin Health, Wound Healing in Pressure Ulcers.  

Recently, Nitta Gelatin through its extensive research developed bioactive peptides from Collagen protein. These bioactive peptides are proven to have DPP-IV inhibition properties thus offering a healthy intervention for Diabetes management as Add-On nutritional therapy.