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Di Calcium Phosphate

All the vital nutrients for Poultry feed

Di Calcium Phosphate (DCP), an inorganic compound made from animal bones, is the
most time tested and widely used Phosphorus and Calcium supplement in poultry feed.
DCP is the safe and best source of easily digestible phosphorus and calcium and has very high bio-availability.





Acid insolubles, percent by weight


Moisture, percent by weight

5% maximum

Phosphorous (as P), percent by weight

17% minimum

Calcium (as Ca), percent by weight

22.5% minimum

Fluorine (as F), percent by weight

0.2% maximum

Acid insolubles, percent by weight

1.0% maximum

Particle size, percent by weight

96% through 100 mesh B.S. sieve


Near white


50 kgs. net poly propylene bags with
inside LDPE loose liners