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Corporate Social Responsibility


Nitta Gelatin India Ltd., (hereinafter referred as "the Company") had its origin in a small hamlet Kathikudam, Koratty , Trichur District in the year 1975 . The village at that time had only very minimal facilities for transportation and communication. With the upcoming and growth of the Company, the surrounding areas had also developed, in addition to giving direct and indirect employment to residents of the area. The management of the company was not seen wanting in interacting with the neighborhood, be it providing library and reading facilities, medical facilities and education support for the children etc. In short, the company had been behaving as a responsible corporate citizen since its inception, understanding fairly well that the development of the village where the first ever manufacturing plant had come up, was integral to the growth and prosperity of company. This occurred during the period when CSR as a concept was not even thought about in the corporate parlance.

But major efforts in the direction of CSR took place simultaneous to the establishment of a public charitable trust, K T Chandy Seichi Nitta Foundation in the year 2010 to commemorate the memory of the forerunners Mr. K T Chandy and Mr. Seichi Nitta who handed down the mantle which see KCPL , now NGIL exist as a company giving direct and indirect employment to many and also serving the society as a corporate citizen.



In order to carry out the charitable activities in a structured manner and to streamline and provide more focus and direction to the activities undertaken by the Company in its sphere, it is decided to formulate a policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (hereinafter described as "the Policy"). This policy has been prepared in line with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013 (hereinafter described as "the Act").