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Joint Health

Osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease, is the progressive destruction of articular cartilage. In the process of ageing, the natural regeneration process is affected and cartilage starts to break down.Until now there was no wholesome solution to this problem. But that’s changed now. NGIL offers Wellnex Collagen Peptides specially formulated for Osteoarthritis under the brand names “Gelixer CollagenPep” and “CartiPep”.Wellnex Collagen Peptides stimulates Collagen synthesis, helps rebuild cartilage and improves your joint health. The typical amino acid composition and resorbance capacity of the product makes it an ideal add on nutritional therapy for Osteoarthritis.Clinical studies indicate that Collagen Peptide stimulates chondrocytes and helps rebuild cartilage. Clinical studies recommend a daily dosage of 10g for three months can be effective(know more....)











Pressure Ulcer

SoreX is an oral nutritional supplement for preventive care and treatment of Pressure Ulcers. SoreX contains unique formulation of Wellnex Collagen Peptides and Vitamin C. This is wholesome protein for supporting wound healing process and contains no sugar and cholesterol. This product has been clinically tested. Apart from these quality products, there are food products, food supplements and plenty more amazing products soon to be launched in the market (know more...)