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It is this simple realization that has urged us on across the last three decades to focus solely on quality. Perhaps it is this preoccupation with quality that has won us rich dividends - awards for quality and performance, discerning clients across the world and a steady growth rate. NGIL combines the best technology, marketing expertise, and most importantly, dedicated human resource. All of which go a long way to ensure our customers absolute quality.

"We, in NGIL are committed to enhance customer confidence through continual improvement of product quality, safety and service"



It is the policy of NGIL to produce and supply safe food products of agreed quality to consistently meet customer needs and expectations and enhance customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve this objective, we will rigorously adhere to relevant Statutory & Regulatory Requirements and with mutually agreed food safety requirements of customers.

We will make every effort to maximize customer satisfaction by:

Creating an environment of teamwork as well as involvement and system awareness and communication to all employees and stakeholders



We, in NITTA GELATIN INDIA LIMITED reaffirm our commitment to protect our environment by minimizing the adverse impacts of our products and operations on the environment. 

Towards this end, we shall strive to:



We, at NGIL have the highest concern and commitment for protecting the Health and Safety of all employees, contractors and visitors having access to the work place. Towards this end, we shall strive to:



We, at NGIL are committed to continual improvement of energy efficiency, reduce energy cost, optimize capital investments for energy efficiency, reduce carbon foot print and conserve natural resources.

To promote efficient & effective use of energy, we shall:

Ensure energy performance as a factor in procurement decisions, product development and in-process & facility design.

Secure adequate and reliable energy supplies at most advantageous rates and implement contingency plans to protect operations from energy supply interruptions.

Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements relating to energy use, consumption and efficiency.

Encourage continuous energy performance review by employees in their work related activities and report to top management.